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Corporate Events

Here at the centre we have a range of corporate event and team building solutions to suit all requirements. Both team building events and pure adventure activities can be combined to produce a program to meet your individual needs and goals.

The centre has extensive facilities and conference rooms, as well as a dedicated event management and quality catering company MAS EVENTS as part of our portfolio. We have been running corporate events both on and off site for the past 15 years.

The centre has full changing facilities with showers, a fully licensed on-site bistro and bar as well as dedicated meeting and break out rooms. We also have a discounted room rate with our partner hotel, the Marwell Resort Hotel.

Meeting and Conference Facilities

The centre can offer meeting rooms for up to 60 people with full refreshment packages and menu options. These facilities can be booked in conjunction with team building events and corporate activity days. The rooms include overhead projectors and flip charts.

We have a selection of physical or mental team building exercises. These activities promote fun, recognition, bonding and learning. Each activity is 1½ hour long with instruction and maximum of 12 in a group.

Family Fun Days

Enjoy a family fun day here at the centre with your employees. These days consist of a full package of activities facilitated for your employees to enjoy throughout the day. These days include a buffet lunch with a hog roast buffet to finish. Evening entertainment can be provided on request from our fully licensed restaurant. Prices start from £35 for children and £45 for adults.

Please contact 01962 777547 for full details.


Team Building Event Examples (contact for full listings)

Code Break

This is a great team development challenge where your brain power and logical thinking are tested to the max. It is a non physical exercise that everyone can get involved with. Natural leaders will emerge and team cooperation is a must. The challenge itself is to answer a series of questions in order to break the cryptic code. Each question will expect you to use a combination of the resources provided and your general knowledge. Aimed towards adult group.

Floating Crystal

Teams are required to work together and use their problem solving skills in this fun and stimulating task. The challenge is to retrieve a ball from the bottom of a tube without moving the tube itself. There are many ways that this has been attempted, but which way is right? Can your team work it out??


This is a race against the clock to cross the toxic swamp. Don’t leave anyone behind or sacrifice any equipment to the sludge below. This exerting challenge requires teams to think logically, communicate well and work closely together in order to complete it in time.

Milk Crate Challenge

As a team, you must construct a tower of milk crates as high as possible with one member of the team standing on top of the tower to score. Two members of the team are fully harnessed into top rope systems whilst other members must help construct, belay, and plan the exercise. This must all be done within a time constraint. This activity is a mixed ability activity with different roles within the activity being taken by different participants with varying physical abilities.

Bomb Fuse

Teams are faced with a minefield situation. Their challenge is to remove all treacherous bombs without setting any off. The limited resources means that teams need to come up with a cunning plan and use good communication skills in order to survive. Their real challenge is the Atomic bomb in the centre, the trickiest one yet.

Towers of Hanoi

This classic strategy based brain teaser will challenge your team to use their logic and negotiation skills. They need to relocate all pieces of the tower in a new location, only moving one piece at a time and never breaking the rules of Hanoi. Can your team deduce the pattern and use their organisation skills to conquer the Towers of Hanoi.


This challenge will test your team’s reason and logic to the limit. Teams will be split into 2 smaller teams, one to send a signal and the other to receive and decipher the signal. The semaphore flags will be the only means of communication.

Night Line

Teams are plunged into darkness in this sensory challenge. They must navigate their way through a series of obstacles and games whilst learning to trust and support one another. Communication is essential when you can’t see what lies in front of you.

Maze of Tactility

This is a true test of team cooperation. Can you work together to achieve your goal?? Your challenge is to manoeuvre a golf ball through a wooden maze using only your feet. Your balance, agility and cooperation are the key to success.

Bridge Build

This is a creative challenge that will test your teams planning, decision making and time management skills. It is a hands on practical challenge where teams race against one another to design and build their own bridge then get the whole team across the finish line first.

Raft Build

Teams are given ropes, barrels and poles and set the challenge to build a floating raft. This challenge allows groups to get creative and competitive against other teams. The suspense really builds s the rafts enter the water. Can you make it to the other side and back without getting wet?

Jungle Rescue

This is a purpose built team building event (morning or afternoon) lasting up to 4 hours which includes a combination of the centres activities and team building events. Each participant or team in the event must negotiate their way around a number of challenges in order to gain stars. At the end of the first part of the event the participants or teams can then cash the stars in for currency. This currency is then used in the second part of the event to purchase materials at a jungle auction in order to facilitate the rescue of the team from the jungle. This jungle rescue package combines both team building exercises as well as exciting activities here at the centre. It is designed for mixed ability groups to ensure that all participants can operate within the group at their own physical capability.

All activities here at Marwell Activity Centre are challenge by choice. Tea and coffee refreshments are included. Each team will be allocated coloured caps, radios and a facilitator. Prizes for the winning teams can be supplied from the centre at an extra cost.


  • Have been attending the Marwell Activity Centre for a number of years. The children have an amazing time, as do the teachers. The staff at the centre cannot do any more to help and are second to none. All the activities are challenging, but with the support and guidance of the Marwell staff, the children achieve so much. Can't wait to come back again.
    Richard Stevens
    Cranborne Middle School

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